Meet The Team

  • Puja Goel
    Puja Goel
    Principal | Owner

    Founder and integrator. Quality assurance professional with degrees in physics and mathematics. Leads the company’s operations and growth through a process-based approach. Avid traveler and connoisseur of visual arts.

  • Nagesh Goel
    Nagesh Goel

    Failure analysis professional and mechanical engineer with advanced specialization in destructive and non-destructive testing. Actively participates in multiple technical committees with a detailed understanding of codes and standards. Reader, epicure and tennis enthusiast.

  • Herb Goldenberg, P.E.
    Herb Goldenberg, P.E.
    Sr. Technical Director | Metallurgy

    Licensed P.E. and structural steel and bolting inspector with over sixty years of experience in laboratory testing and metallurgical investigations. He earned his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Cooper Union and is a former ASM-NY Chairman. Enjoys historical books and golfing.

  • Ian Gonzales, P.E
    Ian Gonzales, P.E
    Technical Director | MEP

    Licensed Professional Engineer in New York with seventeen years of experience in Mechanical, Electric and Plumbing (MEP); structural systems; and quality assurance and quality control. Holds significant certifications from ACI, ICC and AWS.

  • Andrew Szulczewski, P.E
    Andrew Szulczewski, P.E
    Technical Director | Civil

    Licensed P.E. and Certified Welding Inspector that holds numerous technical certifications. Brings twenty-five years of expertise in construction inspections, quality assurance, quality control and has worked with leading agencies including the PANYNJ. Gardener, chess player and birdwatcher.

  • Manan Shah, P.E.
    Manan Shah, P.E.
    Technical Director | Project Manager

    Licensed Professional Engineer in New York and New Jersey with over fourteen years of experience in special inspections and construction material testing. Expertise in quality assurance, quality control and construction management. Sports fan, sightseer and home improvement enthusiast.

  • Greg Sowa
    Greg Sowa
    Project Manager | Technical Manager | Welding-NDT

    Project Manager with over thirteen years of experience in welding and non-destructive testing leadership. Certified Welding Inspector and American Welding Society code committee member with over eight years of fab shop experience. Race car fan, hockey player and car enthusiast.

  • John Carlson
    John Carlson
    Project Manager

    Project Manager and Certified Welding Inspector with nearly four decades of experience as a welder, inspector and supervisor. Holds certifications in ultrasonic testing, magnetic particle testing, penetrant testing and ICC bolting. Family-oriented individual, fisherman and ATV rider.

  • Manikandan Baskaran
    Manikandan Baskaran
    Technical Manager | Advanced NDT

    Level III non-destructive testing (NDT) special inspector with nearly a decade of experience in ultrasonic testing (PAUT & ToFD), magnetic particle testing, dye penetrant testing and material processing. Educator that extends his expertise by training fellow professionals. Enjoys adventures and photography.

  • Mamdouh Shohdy
    Mamdouh Shohdy
    Engineering Materials Laboratory Supervisor

    Metallurgical engineer and Certified Welding Inspector with over twenty years of experience in laboratory management, destructive and non-destructive testing, metallurgical failure analysis and quality assurance and control. Holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering, metallurgy and mechanics. Reader, epicure and linguist.

  • David Wasserman
    David Wasserman
    Construction Materials Laboratory Supervisor

    Laboratory supervisor that oversees construction materials testing and quality assurance. Has over five years of experience testing concrete, masonry, aggregates, asphalt and soil. Holds a B.S. in Engineering from the University of Michigan. Golfer, sports fan and sightseer.

  • Muhammad Nawaz
    Muhammad Nawaz
    Quality Manager

    Quality assurance expert and metallurgical engineer specializing in destructive testing, non-destructive testing and metallurgical failure analysis. Holds a B.S. in metallurgy and materials science. Enjoys watching movies, reading and sightseeing.

Client success starts and ends with our people.

We believe that the measure of a company’s true wealth is the quality of its people. They construct sustainable processes using world-class tools. These processes act as the wiring and electricity flowing through our company to further progress our people and teams. A problem-solving approach using root-cause analysis is taken to resolve any barriers encountered. This results in superior performance, which is measured through discrete metrics throughout the organization. Through superior performance and high expectations, we aim to attract and sustain exceptional people.

Agility at the top

Best thinking on talent, organizational design, agility, culture and leadership

Companies face real barriers to becoming more agile. Leadership and its effect on culture are the bigest

76 %

Transforming the culture and way of working

42 %

Quality of leadership and talent

34 %

Establishing a clear vision and plan

People are hired based on our value system, IKASH and their capability to embody and implement it.

Our process-based Quality Management System has nine core processes that ensure that all of AEIS’ inspections, tests and reports are code-compliant; yielding efficient business operations and successful project outcomes.

Structured problem-solving sessions are held on a weekly basis at leadership and departmental levels to efficiently resolve issues.

Performance metrics are utilized on a weekly and quarterly basis to evaluate the growth and continual development of our teams.



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