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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

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Optical Emission Spectroscope (OES) - Chemical

What are the advantages of performing in-situ chemical analysis?
  • No need to cut an existing steel structure, thereby maintaining the integrity of existing structure.
  • Save $$ for coupon extraction.
  • No repair/ re-work necessary, saving money on rework costs.
  • Faster turn-around time.
Can this be done on a bridge Structure?
Can you analyze Wrought Iron, Cast Iron, Stainless Steel in addition to plain carbon steel?
What is needed to perform the analysis?
Are your personnel safety trained?
Are you qualified to perform this test?
AEIS is accredited by International Accreditation Service as an ISO17025 Testing Laboratory for Chemical, Metallurgical, Mechanical and Non Destructive Testing.
How can you give the results so quickly? Don’t you have to check the value with the standards?
How can you give the results so quickly? Don’t you have to check the value with the standards?
Who will sign the report?

Welder Qualification Test

What is the testing process?

On the day of your test, and AEIS representative will do the following:

·         Receive and review your AWS application (QC-WFA)

·         Make a copy of you ID

·         Process your payment. Payments are received via cash or CC/Debit card.

·         Provide you with a receipt of payment.

·         Welding station is ready and testing plates/pipe is provided and ready for you to take your exam.

On you have finished you exam, our laboratory will test the weld according to the specification of the WPS used. The tests will determine if the weld is satisfactory of unsatisfactory. If the weld is deemed satisfactory, an AEIS CWI will prepare the application and documentation to be submitted to AWS. This process takes 1-3 working days.

The application along with your application fee (if paid to AEIS) will be mailed to AWS for processing of your certificate. This process generally takes 5-7 weeks.

Once the certificate is ready, AWS will send your card via mail to the address provided on your application.

What Should I bring with me to take the test?
How much time is provided for testing?
Before the test, can I practice for a few hours? Is this possible? What is the cost?
There are three welders in our fabrication shop. Can we take the test at our fabrication shop?
How long before you send the results to AWS? What happens after I pass the test?
How do I get my NYC License once I get the AWS Card?
Which Document should I review prior to taking the test?

The following documents can be helpful prior to taking your welding test:

·         Welding Procedure (AWS B2.1-1-016-94R)  *REVIEW*

·         Safety in Welding, Cutting and Allied Processes (ANSI Z49.1) *REVIEW*

·         Standard for AWS Certified Welders (AWS QC7) *REVIEW*

·         AWS Performance Qualification Test (QC7 Supplement G) *REVIEW*

Can I bring my own welding stinger?
What happens during the welding test?
There are five welders in our fabrication shop. Can we take the test at our fabrication shop?
How much time before I can take a re-test?
Do you administer the test on Saturdays?
How much time does it take to find out if I passed?
How much time before I get my AWS Certifications?

LaGuardia Airport - This is an ongoing project


  • Perform inspections for a wide range of disciplines:Piles, Soils, Concrete, Masonry, fireproofing, fire stopping, mechanical, plumbing, and electrical.
  • Manage the inspections on multiple projects simultaneously at the complex facility.
  • Coordinate inspection activities with Project Architect to expedite deficiency resolution.
  • LGA Reporting inspections are executed using an advanced laboratory information management system (ALIMS) which uploads reports automatically to FTP location after reviewed by the supervising professional engineer. 
  • AEIS monitors deficiencies on project using "proprietary deficiency management system".