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Special/Critical Inspections

Inspection Solutions for intelligent expectations

Geotechnical Investigations -

Any project involving load transfer to soil requires the underlying soils to be tested for bearing capacity and classified prior to the design of the foundation. In order to satisfy code requirements, subsurface exploration methods are to be selected by the design professional.

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Soils Inspection

Where shallow foundationswill bear on compacted fill material, inspections must be carried out in order to verify the material and procedures set forth by the design professional. These verificationstypically include but are not limited to: site preparation, material properties, fill thickness, and degree of soil compaction.

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Concrete Inspections -

Concrete inspection may primarily invoke images of cylinders being prepared,but the variety and depth of concrete inspections required for a project can be vast. To satisfy codes and job specifications, design professionals may require the special inspection of concrete construction procedures before, during, and after placement.

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Masonry Inspections -

The sophistication of masonry has evolved over the years to be more complex. As the complexity of design increases, so too must the inspection to verify that such work in the field is being done as per design.


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Structural Steel & Welding -

Steel inspection most often starts with inspection at a steel fabrication facility. We request as much prior notice with respect to the schedule of the out of town shops, however the last minute notifications are not uncommon.

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Firestop & Fireproof Inspections -

Firestopping and Fireproofing are two very effective means for passive fire safety of a structure, if applied properly. The key is to understand the underlying UL/ FM design that has been approved by the project architect. It is not just an application of product, but a system that must conform to the stated design, once all the components are installed.

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Mechanical – Electrical – Plumbing (MEP) Inspections -

Inspection of any MEP systems is more than “Does it work the way it should?”.  Regardless of the type of system required for inspection, a general checklist that is applicable to all systems

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Architectural General Building Inspections -

In addition to our special inspection services, we have other monitoring and systems that AEIS Provides.

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Progress Inspections-

The code explains that progress inspections “shall be made during the progress of work to verify substantial compliance with the code and with approved construction documents

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Asphalt Inspections-

Test are performed per ASTM C88, C117, C123, C117, C127, C128, C566, C535, C780 and other applicable codes/ standards/ specification.

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