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Electrical Inspections


Our Qualification, Experience & Knowledge

The responsibilities our electrical inspectors are centered on safety. That is the reason they have chosen that professional career path.

The service we contribute helps the safety of the individuals, property owners, stake holders, and the public. It is important to recognize that those that are knowledgeable about the electrical field understand the hazards electricity can bring to persons and property if it is not properly installed. Inspectors have a serious duty and the consequences of not satisfying those commitments can be serious. The role of an electrical inspector to the safety of the electrical system is extremely important. It is critical, yet immeasurable.

Codes, Standards & Specifications

Our Electrical Systems special inspections, Fire-Alarm Tests, Public Assembly Emergency Lighting, Emergency-Standby Power Systems, and Energy compliance inspections for Tandem Wiring, Interior/ Exterior Lighting Power Consumption, Interior/Exterior Lightings and Controls, and Lighting efficiency inspection services has a Class 1 endorsement from the NYC Department of Buildings and complies with International Accreditation Service- SIA ISO/IES Standard 17020 and AC291. We have the largest crew of ICC Certified Commercial Energy Inspectors, NICET Certified Fire Alarm Inspector, Commercial Mechanical Inspectors, and professional engineers.

We are proficient in the following Codes and Standardsthat are typically referenced in Electrical Systems sections of the project specifications and in accordance with the latest edition of New York City Building Code including but not limited to:

  • NYC Electrical Code
  • NFPA 110 (Standard for Emergency and Standby Power Systems)
  • NFPA 70 (National Electrical Code)
  • NYC Energy Conservation Code

Our team of over 100 quality professionals are ready to support you