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Third Party Inspections at Vendor Premises

Third Party Inspections at Vendor Premises

The inspections under this category can be broadly classified as follows:

  • Structural Steel Fabrication Inspections

  • Structural Steel and High Strength Bolting Inspections

  • Cold Formed Steel Inspections

  • Aluminum Inspections

  • Stainless Steel Inspections

  • Piping System Inspections (Fuel Gas, Steam, High Temp Hot Water)

  • Non Destructive Testing

    • Radiographic Testing

    • Ultrasonic Testing

    • Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing

    • Magnetic Particle Testing

    • Dye Penetrant Testing

    • Eddy Current Testing

    • Video Borescope Inspections

Fabrication Shop Inspection (Steel, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Piping Spools)

Inspection of welds often starts a fabrication facility. In many instances the fabrication is carried out of state, and in some cases abroad. AEIS has the expertise and resources to cover most locations and we have on numerous occasions dispatched our personnel out of state and overseas. Attempts are made to use local resources, where possible, after proper vetting.

Approved shop drawings and project specifications will be sent to our inspection staff and we will monitor your project to meet code and specification requirements.

Our reports will be supported with photographs and individual piece numbers for the steel members that were inspected each day. Our staff will coordinate directly with the shop staff to perform all non-destructive testing required of the specifications and track any deficiency until corrective work is completed and acceptable.

For all welding work, verification of appropriate Welding Procedure Specifications, supporting Procedure Qualification Records, and Welder Performance Qualification Records is crucial. These documents are verified against the approved drawings and codes by our inspectors. Thereafter, all essential welding variables/ parameters are monitored. Welds that receive adequate checks prior to welding, in-process, and post welding usually exhibit minimal discontinuities in subsequent nondestructive testing.

  • Shop Steel Fabrication

  • Non-destructive testing of shop welds; Magnetic particle, Dye Penetrant, Ultrasonic or Radiography.

  • Coatings Inspection of fabricated components by SSPC/ NACE Level 1/ 2/ 3 Inspectors.

Inspections at the Project Site


Once steel starts to arrive on site, our inspection staff will verify:

  • The placement and size of the anchor bolts are correct,

  • Base plate grout is performed and samples of the grout tested in our laboratory to verify compressive strength (Grouting of Base Plates),

  • Steel erection which would check for the proper steel piece (by ID number) is set in the correct location (Steel Erection) ,

  • Bolting, including Skidmore Bolt Tension Calibrator and verification of calibrated wrench/ Rotation Capacity (Ro-Cap) tests etc,

  • Welding Inspection – pre, during and post of Fillet, PJP, CJP, Flare Bevel, Arch Spot (Puddle) and other types of welds.

  • Metal deck and shear studs are installed as required,

  • Non-destructive testing of field Welds (magnetic particle, dye penetrant, ultrasonic, radiography or other tests) will be performed as mandated by the specifications.


  • Erection of piping spools as per P&IDs and plan drawings,

  • Verification of appropriate piping fittings, hangers and other components,

  • Witnessing of Hydrostatic/ Pneumatic tests

  • Nondestructive testing using RT, UT, PAUT, MT, PT, VT, ET and other techniques, as required.

Our Certified Welding Inspectors and NDT technicians are supported by highly experienced metallurgical and welding engineers. Their expertise in inspection, testing, and prevention of failures is an added complement to the projects.


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