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A.E.I.S is QP-5 Certified 1 of  only 11 Nationwide.

From the SSPC Website:

SSPC QP 5 is a certification program for inspection companies that focuses on the industrial coating and lining industry. QP 5 evaluates an inspection company's ability to provide consistent quality inspection of coatings and linings for its clients.

On a fundamental level, QP 5 provides support to both the owner and inspection company by requiring checks and balances that ensure a high level of quality inspection regardless of which individual inspector is working the job site. This level of quality is accomplished by inspection service providers adopting quality programs that include accountability, regular maintenance training for inspectors, quality and procedural standards and corporate internal auditing of inspection records.

Consistency and accountability at all levels of the inspection service let owners know that their project is not just being inspected, it is also reviewed and supported by the inspection company itself. Both owners and inspection companies have realized that QP 5 fits perfectly where there was once a gaping hole.

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