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Coatings Failure Analysis Services


All coatings fail eventually however coatings that fail prior to their life expectancy may result in litigation.

 AEIS Coatings Failure Analysis Service provides scientifically sound testing procedures to determine why a coating system failed.

We are confident that our objective determinations will withstand even the most strident cross examination.

The collective brain trust at AEIS has encountered virtually every type and reason for coatings failure and as a result no failure to date has caught us off guard, we’ve seen it all before, subsequently our data and conclusions are often solicited by clients and non-clients alike.

Our determinations are objective never subjective and as such you can be confident that our results will not only determine why a coating failed but how best to ensure it does not happen again. Engage with an expert about our Failure Analysis Service and how we can help you. 

Our team of over 100 quality professionals are ready to support you