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Coatings Consultation Services


With so many high performance contemporary coatings systems available today choosing the right one can be somewhat confusing.

What is the right system for my particular situation? Is my previous system compatible with my new system? Which system will provide me the highest benefit to cost ratio? The longest in service life span? Clients have much to consider when choosing a system these day’s but at AEIS we take the mystery out of the selection process.

As we are not paint manufacturers but rather Independent Consultant’s with no vested interest in helping a client choose one system over another our clients have peace of mind when selecting AEIS Coatings Consultation.

All systems will eventually fail but to prevent premature failure surface preparation is critical therefore in addition to coatings system selection we discuss with our clients the entire coatings process from start to finish and including maintenance of that system once installed to maximize the life of that system.

Give us a call and let us answer your questions and help ensure your next coatings project is a success.

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