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QA / QC | Industrial Inspections

Construction project quality assurance, or QA, and quality control, or QC, are two fundamentally different processes with different goals and purposes. ... When each of the project participants knows what aspects of QA and QC fall within their areas of responsibility, they can execute the project to the required standards.

Quality Assurance and Oversight on Infrastructure Projects

Any project involving load transfer to soil requires the underlying soils to be tested for bearing capacity and classified prior to the design of the foundation. In order to satisfy code requirements, subsurface exploration methods are to be selected by the design professional.

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Third Party Inspection at Vendor Premises

Where shallow foundationswill bear on compacted fill material, inspections must be carried out in order to verify the material and procedures set forth by the design professional. These verificationstypically include but are not limited to: site preparation, material properties, fill thickness, and degree of soil compaction.

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