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Magnetic Particle Testing

Magnetic Particle Testing (MPT)


Magnetic Particle Testing (MPT) is a standard nondestructive examination (NDE) technique for detecting flaws in ferromagnetic materials such as iron, nickel and cobalt, along with some of their alloys.

Magnetic particle testing is a relatively simple test method to find surface and subsurface flaws using Magnetic flux leakage principle to inspect Ingots, Castings, forgings, rolled plates, sheets, bars, rods, weld joints, shafts, gears, and other engineering components in cast, forged, machined condition, during manufacturing and in-service inspections.


It can also be used to check that the processing operations such as heat treat, machining, and grinding did not uncover or cause discontinuities. Magnetic particle testing consists of magnetization of the article, application of the particles, and interpretation of the patterns formed by the particles as they are attracted by magnetic leakage fields.


MPT is the most widely used testing method in any ferrous, steel manufacturing, processing industry.


Types of magnetic particles


  • Dry Particles (Red and yellow)
  • Wet Particles (black and fluorescent)


Methods of Magnetism


  • Continuous Method
  • Residual Method


Types of Magnetism


  • Circular Magnetism – Head Shot, Prods and Central Conductor.
  • Longitudinal Magnetism– Coil and Yoke

Bench Unit



      • This method is used to inspect a variety of product forms including castings, forgings, and weldments.
      • Many different industries use magnetic particle inspection for determining a component's fitness-for-use.
      • Some examples of industries that use magnetic particle inspection are the structural steel, automotive, petrochemical, power generation, and aerospace industries. Underwater inspection is another area where magnetic particle inspection may be used to test items such as offshore structures and underwater pipelines.

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