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Visual Testing

Visual Testing

Visual inspectionis one of the most common and most powerful means of non-destructive testing.

Visual inspections also commonly called as Visual examination or Visual Testing VT on objects, parts, components engineering structures is the oldest and reliable non-destructive testing method. This test method is applied to almost every product as a quality assurance tool. Generally, the most detrimental unacceptable discontinuities in the objects or items are the surface opening discontinuities.  Visual scanning, inspection or testing can successfully detect these unacceptable surface discontinuities without applying expensive test methods.

Visual testing requires adequate illumination of the test surface and proper eye-sight of the tester.

VT can be classified as 

  • Direct visual testing,
  • Remote visual testing
  • Translucent visual testing.

Often the equipment needed is simple for internal inspection, light lens systems such as borescopes allow remote surfaces to be examined. More sophisticated devices of this nature using fiber optics permit the introduction of the device into very small access holes and channels. Most of these systems provide for the attachment of a camera to permit permanent recording.


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