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Combustion Analysis

Combustion Analysis

LECO analysis is the industry standard for reliable and accurate determination of elements within metallic samples, including Carbon, Sulfur, Nitrogen, Oxygen, and Hydrogen. Our (engineers – experts - technicians) work closely with manufacturers, suppliers, and end users to determine the properties of their material.

LECO is often used as a process verification method to ensure that the specified elements are present during various stages of manufacturing, because of its low detection limits and accuracy.

LECO analysis converts the targeted elements from a metallic sample into their oxidized form by utilizing either the combustion method (Carbon and Sulfur), or the gas fusion method (Hydrogen, Nitrogen, and Oxygen). Once converted to their oxidized form, the LECO analyzer uses infrared absorption and thermal conductivity to measure gases within a metallic sample.

Common Standards:

American Society for Testing and Materials 

ASTM E1019, ASTM E1409, ASTM E1447, ASTM E1937, ASTM E1941, ASTM E2792


G1, G2, G3, G4, G5

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