What is Goel UT Challange ?

We want to recognize the best technicians performing Structural Ultrasonic Testing. Sturctural UT has a lot of challenges such as indications from backing bar, varying gaps, mismatch, gap between faying syrfaces, limited access due to bolt holes and other geometrical features, and many more.

A technician who has experience in structural ultrasonic testing can navigate some of these challenges through his skill and sometimes using special procedures. AEIS and its team is dedicated to welding and NDT inspection of infrasturcture projects. In particular, Ultrasonic testing and advanced Ultrasonic Testing technicques such as Phased Array UT for structural applications is our passion. We want to share in our excitement about this specific technique, as applied to structures. For these reasons, we want to recognize and celebrate the best Structural UT technician every year.

Who can Participate ?

The participants must be UT Level II (SNT-TC-1A/ ISO 9712), with at least two years to structural UT experience. UT participant cannot be a current AEIS Employee.

2 years
of experience

UT Level

Competition Structure

There are two rounds to the challenge. Round #1 with up to 56 participants shall take place on Friday. After the round #1, six skilled candidates shall advance to Round #2, which shall be held on Saturday.

Scoring Methodology

  • An indica­tion shall be considered a "detected flaw", if at least two of the following attributes are correctly identified within the listed tolerances: (i) Indication Rating within ±6 dB (ii) Indication Length within +1 in. to -0.5 in (iii) Indication Depth within ±0.25 in.
  • An indication shall be considered a "false indication" if the flaw does not exist, but is reported. The rate of flaws detected, based upon reporting of the flaw and its location, is: D = detected flaws/total flaws
  • The rate of false indications, is: F = false indications/total indications The UT technician rating is: R= 1/2(1 + D - F) To be qualified to proceed to Round #2, the candidate shall achieve all of the following: An overall rating R of 0.90 or higher A detection rating D of 0.87 or higher A false indication rating F of 0.15 or less
  • If more than six candidates meet the above criteria, the six technicians with highest overall R rating shall proceed to Round #2.
  • To determine the winner of Round #2, the higest overall R rating shall be the basis. In case of a tie, accuracy of dB rating, followed by length, and depth shall determine the winner.

Equipment Candidates are required to bring their own

  • UT Flaw detectors
  • Transducers
  • Cables
  • Calibration block and calculator.
  • Couplant (Magnaflux Sonotrace Gr 30)
  • Rags,pencil & worksheets
  • Accept-Reject Criteria Tables shall be available at each test station.
  • Participants are advised to calibrate their Flaw Detectors in advance with thier set of Transducers, Cables, Calibration Block.
  • Test piece thicknesses can be 3/8", 1/2", 3/4",, 1", 1-1/4", and 1-1/2"

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